CMMF Alumni

Students who have been supported by CMMF whilst studying at the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience, and graduated from the University of Durham. Please cllick on the relevant name or project to learn more.


  Name Project Graduated
Huq Muhammad Jahedul Huq Climate Change Adaptation Policy and Flood Hazard in Bangladesh MSc 2012
Nahid Nahid Rezwana Disasters and access to healthcare in the coastal region of Bangladesh: a gendered analysis PhD 2014
Hussain Liaqat Hussain Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction in Pakistan MSc 2012
PhD 2017
Sambali Joseph Sambali Understanding Community Perception of Health Risk and Disease in Ngara, Tanzania PhD 2015
David Damby Respiratory Hazards from Volcanic Eruptions in South Asia and Central America PhD 2013
Christina Makungu Vulnerability aad risk exposure of school children to Malaria in Tanzania MSc 2011
Nadir Md. Nadiruzzaman The Aftermath of the Cyclone Sidr Disaster in Bangladesh PhD 2012